Effectively Use Educational Furniture To Keep Students Engaged

Can having the right educational furniture mean the difference between getting an ‘A’ and a ‘B’? Can the chair that a child sits in influence whether or not they are able to comprehend complex mathematical principles? Can the amount of light inside of a room affect whether or not they develop a love for Shakespeare?

High-quality learning materials, involved parents, and experienced teachers are all very important aspects of quality education; however, most schools do not give much thought into how a classroom is set up. Realistically, it can have a huge impact on the classroom dynamic and student engagement.

Effective classrooms all encourage the chance to engage with real-life scenarios, active engagement, and collaboration. Also, students learn the best when they have some freedom in terms of how and where they do their work, and when they can be more physically active. Having the right education furniture can help teachers foster a stimulating classroom environment for students.

Collaborative Spaces

Desks in traditional classrooms are lined up in rows and face the teacher. Student interaction is actively discouraged and all eyes are face forward. However, when students are seated at tables together or their desks are turned so they face one another it helps to create an environment where creativity, collaboration, and open dialogue can flourish. That allows students to work together to solve an equation, analyze a text or come up with a solution to a complex problem in a way that mimics the dynamics of a team out in the real world.

Privacy and Personal Space

Not all learning should or can be done in a group. At times students need to be able to focus by themselves on a project. They might need a space where distractions are shut out. The classroom needs to be versatile enough so that it allows for both individual and group work. That might mean having desks that can either be pushed apart or together. Some teachers might have tables set up in one area of a room and then in another part have separate learning carrels. Another option to create individual boundaries and privacy is to use movable dividers.

Versatile Writing Surfaces

Having a versatile classroom allows teachers to engage their students in a wide range of various activities that encourage them to utilize skills in different and new ways while also appealing to a diverse range of learning profile. Students may spread out at the table with others, or work at their individual desks, or use a vertical space like a whiteboard or window to diagram equations and ideas.

Ample Shade, Ample Light

The best classrooms have plenty of natural light. A feeling of open space is created by large windows, and natural light is what is easiest on your eyes. When a room is too dark it can increase depression in both the teacher and students. However, digital media is also used by most classes, including interactive whiteboards, projectors, iPads, and computers. Visibility is impaired on those devices by too much light and learning is impaired as well. High-quality window coverings should be installed so that the light may be adjusted by teachers according to whatever activity the classroom is engaged in.

Standing Desks

Students are at school for u to nine hours per day. A majority of that time is at a desk. This sedentary posture can negatively impact a student’s physical well-being and engagement.

Comfortable Seating – Although it is beneficial for students to stand, they will spend a high percentage of their time sitting in a chair. Students can be less productive and more distracted by uncomfortable seating. Consider the material and shape of the chairs along with the adjustments that can be made in order to accommodate the height and size of a student. A swiveling chair can give student freedom of motion in order to expel excess energy while still staying on task.

We here at Embrace Office Furniture, understand that educational furniture is an essential part of student life. By selecting furniture that is comfortable and versatile while allowing for physical movement and collaboration can help to increase learning, creativity, and engagement.

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